Your Company Logo and Your Business Presentation

The way that your company logo is displayed is probably the most important part of your over all business presentation and company image. Your logo must always be displayed in a crisp and clean way and if you fail to do this you have missed your golden opportunity to maximize your company’s first impression on the consumer or your potential client. Crisp and clean is what you should be thinking on your company signage, whether it is on a building, vehicle or on a four-color brochure.

Below your logo should be your simple and too the point message to your customer. It must be crisp also and add to your logo not over dominate it. All too often the company logo is blurred and over shadowed by words. Remember a company logo is a picture worth a thousand words and the writing below it is your main theme to guide the mind into channeling the thoughts of the consumer or customer.

If you will concentrate first on your logo and second on what is written below it you will be well on your way to a favorable first impression in your business presentation. This goes for everything from your business cards to your company website. I sincerely hope you will consider all this in 2006.

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