Mind Mapping – The Advantages for Business Presentations

This article is about Mind Mapping for business presentations as the title suggests and so to save going over old ground, I am going to assume you already understand what a this is. If you don’t you can read another one of my articles here on this site about this powerful tool called “It is Never Too Late to Start Mind Mapping” which will give you a great introduction if you are new to this technique. What I will do in this article is give you a brief overview of the advantages of applying it to Business Presentations.

Now there are many different business uses for Mind Mapping and one of the most powerful and highly impactful applications is when it is used in presentations. As a thinking tool in its own right, it can help plan, develop and deliver high quality presentations but it really comes into its own when it is used as the content vehicle. What I mean by that is when a Mind Map itself is presented as the information to be discussed.

Sadly many business presentations have a heavy reliance on the modern day equivalent of “chalk and talk” which often means the presenter reading from very dense and word laden slides. There are of course the obvious disadvantages of the “death by PowerPoint” approach which include boredom, loss of audience attention and too much information confusing the message, alienating the messenger and usually failing to achieve the desired outcome of the presentation.

However even a well structured delivery with appropriate levels of detail on any slides used can still leave audiences confused and bemused if they have not been able to keep the topic’s global perspective, maintain the presentation’s wider context and keep track of the relationships and dependencies of its various components. In the absence of making any decision, the confused and bemused mind will make no decision which is a distinct disadvantage if the purpose of the presentation was to influence and persuade.

When a Mind Map is used as the framework for content delivery many of these challenges fade away and as a result the following advantages are realized:

  • The overall topic Mind Map is a great tool to preview the content of the presentation.
  • Audience members are able to keep track of the progress of a presentation as they see the Mind Map unfold.
  • Relationships and dependencies are easier to appreciate and understand.
  • The relevance of the issue under immediate discussion to the larger topic framework is easier to keep track of.
  • Audience members are not overwhelmed by lots of information (the content) but take from the presentation the key messages and themes (the meaning).
  • The presentation is far more engaging and stimulating
  • Greater levels of recall are achieved because the structure and format of a Mind Map encourages improved memory performance.
  • The overall topic Mind Map is a perfect device to summarize the content at the end of the presentation.

Just using this powerful technique does not mean you are going to deliver a good presentation – the usual fundamentals and best practice must still be in place. However at the end of a well delivered presentation facilitated using this powerful technique greater message clarity, greater audience engagement and far higher levels of recall are virtually guaranteed.

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