How to Showcase and Present a Home to Clients – Learn the Trick on How to Get That Sale

One of the most crucial stages in making a deal in the real estate business is the home presentation. There are very few clients – or none at all – who can make do with not being able to see the living space for themselves in real life. Even if, for example, you have made a video walkthrough of a particular home, nothing beats the experience of going through the house and being there physically. Clients and buyers need to experience the physical feeling of being in that space and walking through a space they consider buying and spending a significant amount of time of their life in. So you must make sure that you – or any other real estate agents under you – can present a house the best way possible. Because the better the presentation, the bigger chances of landing that deal.

Take as many showings as you can for a house.

It’s simple: The more you show a house to different clients, the bigger chances of it getting sold. Especially if several clients like it, you can have a bidding to see who likes it the most – where the winner, in the end will really be you. If there are tenants currently occupying a particular piece of property, you need to inform them beforehand if you are bringing someone along for a showing. Make sure they keep the place clean and have everything in order so that the house gives off a better impression. It is also not a good idea to have the actual sellers be there when prospective buyers are looking at the place. The real estate agent – preferably only one – should be the only one who takes care of everything.

Adjust to your clients needs.

Last minute scheduling and cancellations are not an uncommon practice that many prospective buyers are in the habit of doing. Because you have to adhere to the age old adage that the customer is king, you naturally have to adjust and take the necessary steps to make sure you can accommodate them, unless you already have a scheduled showing with another client. Unless also that you are in a life or death situation, you avoid canceling or rescheduling a showing with a client.

Explain your process to the seller.

Home sellers usually don’t appreciate or understand the nature of the work of a real estate agent. This is why you should take the time to talk to them and explain your process to them. After all, you are the expert; just explain to them that they need you to do all the talking and presenting and making the deal. Also explain that a sale isn’t magic, as it is not easy, especially nowadays, to sell property. Having the seller understand your work better will help them cooperate with your more, which would be to the advantage of the both of you.

Showing houses is a delicate balance of responding to the needs of the buyer, seller, and yourself as the real estate agent. The real trick is to find ways to satisfy all three or find a suitable compromise that would work best for everyone

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