How and When to Deliver an Effective MLM Business Opportunity Presentation

Before showing any information to a prospect it is important to find out what their motivation is for looking at your opportunity. If they are only reviewing information through loyalty to you, then is that ideal? If they have never heard of the industry, or never looked into home business of any kind then do you think they would be the right type of person to focus your efforts on? Do you really want to sponsor people who you have had to persuade or influence to join?

If you are building your business using the old-school word-of-mouth tactics then you may be setting yourself up for failure if you concentrate on presenting to anyone and everyone regardless of whether they would be suitable for your business or not. Unfortunately this is exactly what most sponsors teach to their Downlines!

Consider this as an alternative: What if you could find people who had already learned about the industry of Network Marketing and wanted to learn more? What if people actually approached you to ask about your company? Would that make a big difference to the growth of your business and the types of people you were able to sponsor?

It is important not to disregard the merits of prospecting in your warm market, but it often beneficial to share information about the industry of Network Marketing before sharing information about your company. If your prospect is not interested in participating in the industry then it really doesn’t matter how good your company and products are, because they still wont join. So why waste your time?

Try introducing your prospects to the industry and allow them to say ‘no’ if they are not interested! Those that say ‘yes’ to learning more are definitely worth spending time presenting your opportunity to!

If you wish to build your business online then you can leverage your efforts by sharing information about the industry with a much wider audience. If you take on the role of educator and teach people the facts about the industry then you are likely to have an abundance of prospects that may eventually contact you to learn about your company.

Every month almost half a million people become involved in this industry, which means that the amount hearing about Network Marketing for the first time is likely to be far greater. Do you think that some of those people will be researching the industry online to learn more? Those are the people you want to build relationships with. Later you may have the opportunity to share information about your company with them, but not before they are sold on the industry!

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