5-Step Process For Negotiating More Successful Events

There’s probably nobody reading this article, who has never, either attended or worked on some event. Nearly every business, organization, and individual, have events they produce, and, no one, ever, hosts any event, and hopes for it to fail! Some events succeed wildly, while others are far less successful. In the vast majority of instances, the difference between an event going smoothly, versus, less spectacular results, is because of the quality and extent/ degree of quality, effective planning. This event planning must begin with a concerted commitment to negotiating as many relevant contingencies, etc, as possible. This article will briefly discuss a 5 – step process, for negotiating more successful events.

1. Identify goal/ purpose/ reason for event: Different events serve differing purposes. Therefore, there is no, one – size – fits – all, approach to planning an event. One must clearly know what you seek to achieve from this program, gaining a combination of an historical perspective (if relevant), as well as the target – audience, strengths and weaknesses, etc. How will you be able to negotiate effectively, until/ unless you know what you are seeking?

2. Budget/ Financial issues: One must develop the budget before negotiations begin! Know what you can afford, as well as your revenue and expenditure expectations. Use this to create a set of priorities, which will assist you in factoring – in, your purposes, etc.

3. What you need and want?: Do you know, both, what you need, as well as want? How will you prioritize, without doing so? Clarify, understand and articulate your priorities, and negotiate accordingly!

4. Superior, professional negotiating: It’s not merely enough to go through the motions, and produce some boiler – plate style, document/ contract/ agreement! Success is derived from effective planning, which must start with superior, professional negotiating, based on the principles of win – win negotiations!

5. Get everything in writing: Oral agreements aren’t worth the paper they are written on! When negotiating an event, be certain to get as much as possible, in writing. Understand, quite often, event venue personnel, move to other opportunities, and, therefore, what someone might have agreed to, the new representative is unaware of. Use this rule – of – thumb: Plan effectively; consider as many contingencies and ramifications as possible; and get your concessions/ agreements in writing.

This 5 – step process will not guarantee success! However, a haphazard approach, normally, guarantees, a lesser result!

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